Mail Filters (Sieve) with Rainloop

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to enable Mail filters in Rainloop? Iirc, Rainloop suppport this already.

    The need of this feature is because I use purely Webmail intead of desktop app when reading Emails (also usefull for the rest of us in our Company).

    Thanks in advance.

  • @GuS

    By default, the Rainloop administration interface is disabled for safety reasons but, you can configure Rainloop as you would do when installing it by yourself. See the rainloop documentation.

    The only thing that you must keep in mind is that on each i-MSCP upgrade/reconfiguration, your changes will be reset. You can avoid this by writting an i-MSCP listener which will re-inject your own Rainloop configuration automatically during i-MSCP upgrade or reconfiguration. Here you're talking about sieve which must be a rainloop plugin.

    To resume, you should in order:

    • Enable rainloop admin access by editing rainloop configuration file (don't forgot to restart imscp_panel service after changes due to PHP opcache)
    • Enable the sieve plugin through rainloop admin interface

    About the listener, you should dump your own rainloop configuration file somewhere on your filesystem and on i-MSCP upgrade/reconfiguration, you should simply copy it in the right place. There is plenty of listeners available already that can help you to understand how to make a new one for your own purpose.


  • @Nuxwin,

    Thanks for quick reply.

    Ok, got it. Already was digging into Admin interface of Rainloop, and to add filters one must add a allowed domain. So to not mix up things, I just setup first Rainloop with Nextcloud (which we already use) and already tested there the filters.

    I will have in mind and play with creating a listener and see how it works in a testing env.

    Thanks Again!

  • Thanks Again!

    You're welcome.
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