Error adding alias mail in whole server

  • I need to add to a customer some alias mail, but I have a 502 bad gateway error
    If I check on syslog and I see an error: osso kernel: [16250812.848575] imscp_panel[16373] general protection ip:680715 sp:7ffe9dcff230 error:0 in imscp_panel[400000+75c000]

    Just did a test on other domains on same server, or just to add some mailbox (not alias)

    same 502 error and syslog error.
    What I can check ?

    Thx for any suggestion.
    mmm I did also a test, and I see I have problem also adding new customer. - I just add one last week with no problem..but now ...[16251003.477415] imscp_panel[15752] general protection ip:680715 sp:7ffe9dcff450 error:0 in imscp_panel[400000+75c000]

    debian wheezy imscp 1.3.16

  • debian wheezy imscp 1.3.16

    We don't provide any support for old 1.3.x Serie. Please upgrade. You have a segfault somewhere in imscp_panel (PHP) service.

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