software installer or softaculous plugin

  • many customers complain because of missing software installer or packages and we had cancellations because of that.
    I would subscribe and pay for a updated software repository or a softaculous plugin.

  • I'll do the softaculous as soon as possible.


  • Any update about this?

    i-MSCP 1.5.3
    Plugins (latest version): ClamAV, CronJobs, DomainAutoApproval, LetsEncrypt, OpenDKIM, PanelRedirect, PhpSwitcher, PolicydSPF, Postgrey, RecaptchaPMA, RoundcubePlugins, SpamAssasin, WHMCS

  • to be implemented


  • You have implemented it softaculous or not yet and your 250€, licenses are paid for life

    lo habeis implementado softaculous o aun no y vuestras licencias 250€, son pago de porvida