• Dear community,

    WARNING - Before updating your i-MSCP installation, don't forget to read the errata file WARNING

    We are pleasure to announce the immediate availability of i-MSCP version 1.4.3 that is a bugfixes release for the 1.4.x Serie.

    This new version addresses the following issues:


    • Added: `class', `default' and `description' attributes in distribution packages files for service alternatives
    • Added: /etc/apt/apt/conf.d/01norecommend to avoid installation of recommended/suggested distribution packages
    • Added: `*._PACKAGE' variables in master conffile. Variables holding i-MSCP server class names
    • Removed: FastCGI section in Apache2 domain.tpl vhost template (mod_proxy_fcgi is now available for all distributions)
    • Removed: SSLCertificateChainFile Apache2 directive in domain.tpl vhost template file (no longer needed since Apache 2.4.8)


    • Added: iMSCP::File::getAsRef() method - Method allowing to get scalar reference to file content
    • Added: Servers::php class (doesn't do anything yet - currently a child of Servers::noserver)
    • Fixed: Couldn't umount mounts that are in deleted state due to wrong regexp in iMSCP::Mount library
    • Review: Mitigate IO operations by reading full fstab-like file in memory and by reusing same file object (iMSCP::Mount)


    • Fixed: Install Apache2 (2.4.10) from backports repository (Ubuntu Trusty Thar)
    • Fixed: Make sure that sendmail* packages are pre-uninstalled


    • Added: Button allowing customers to force syncing of mailboxes quota info (Client interface)
    • Added: Percent value for mailboxes quota usage (Client interface)
    • Fixed: Datepicker is positioned below the location bar
    • Fixed: Disabled htaccess, htgroup and htusers items wrongly reported as error in debugger interface (admin interface)
    • Enhancement: Display a static warning to customer when at least one of his mailboxes is over quota (Client interface)
    • Readded: Mailboxes quota usage information (Client interface)


    • Changed: Default SQL user for servers/packages is now set to `imscp_srv_user'
    • Fixed: `Access denied...' SQL error when reusing same SQL user for all i-MSCP servers/packages
    • Fixed: Allow for automatic generation of the passwords (whenever possible) in preseeding mode
    • Fixed: Allow for automatic detection of the server public IP address in preseeding mode
    • Fixed: Allow for automatic detection of the timezone in preseeding mode
    • Fixed: composer.phar archive is not updated due to wrong working directory
    • Fixed: Configures getaddrinfo(3) to prefer IPv4 during setup and update phases
    • Fixed: Enforce usage of values from preseed.pl file in preseeding mode, even on reconfiguration
    • Fixed: Make sure that SQL users set for i-MSCP servers/packages are not already used by customers
    • Readded: Courier alternative for IMAP/POP servers (Debian Stretch)


    • Updated: Add Referrer-Policy header to 40_apache2_security_headers.pl listener file


    • Fixed: `Accessing a non-existing parameter: FILEMANAGER_PACKAGE` error when upgrading from 1.1.x Serie (Filemanager)
    • Fixed: Can't locate object method "getInstance" via package "MSCP::Service" (FrontEnd)
    • Fixed: Package uninstallers must be idempotent


    • Fixed: All in/out traffic not computed (imscp-srv-traff)


    • Fixed: Authdaemond socket directory is still mounted in Postfix chroot after switching to Dovecot (Courier)
    • Fixed: Disable control engine by default (ProFTPD)
    • Fixed: `postfix' user is still part of authdaemon group after switching to Dovecot (Courier)
    • Fixed: Run ProFTPD server under `proftpd' user instead of `nobody' user (ProFTPD)
    • Fixed: SQL user not removed after uninstallation (PO and FTPD server impl.)
    • Fixed: When switching to another FTPD server implementation, uninstallation of old FTP server must be triggered
    • Fixed: When switching to another PO server implementation, uninstallation of old PO server must be triggered


    • Fixed: Ask administrator to uninstall plugins prior running i-MSCP uninstaller
    • Fixed: General uninstallation failure due to wrong SQL query in imscp-uninstall script


    • IP-1707 Getting Error when trying to change e-mail forwarder due to wrong quota value
    • IP-1709 Protected area users/groups management - Groups list is truncated to first group
    • IP-1710 Password field of client prepopulated when called from reseller
    • IP-1711 Error while using preseed file with empty BASE_SERVER_PUBLIC_IP parameter


    • New features or minor changes/bugfixes
    • Changes that can affect 3rd-party components (plugins, listener files...)
    • Major changes or important bugfixes


    You can download this new version at:

    Thank you for choosing i-MSCP.