LetsEncrypt plugin v3.0.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    A new version of the LetsEncrypt plugin has just been released.

    Version compatible with i-MSCP Serie 1.3.x (version >= 1.3.1), 1.4.x


    • Added: Let's Encrypt `Fake LE Root X1' root certificate in list of trusted certificates (staging environment)
    • Added: textarea field for subject alternative names in both administrator and client interfaces
    • Added: `--now' command line option to force immediate execution of pending tasks (pending.pl script)
    • Changed: Default value for the `certbot_self_update' configuration parameter is now `true'
    • Changed: IDNs are now fully supported. Usage of the Certbot client development version is no longer required.
    • Changed: Usage of the new `delete' Certbot subcommand for deleting SSL certificate lineage instead of doing manually
    • Featured: Administrator can now add up-to 100 SANs in both control panel and services SSL certificates
    • Fixed: Automatically install required distribution packages
    • Fixed: Certbot client installation failure on Debian Stretch due to openssl extension build failure
    • Fixed: Couldn't enable Let's Encrypt for the control panel due to missing test on `services' target
    • Fixed: Don't process if Apache2 service is not running. Apache2 is required for ACME challenges
    • Fixed: Make sure that Certbot client get updated when the plugin is being updated
    • Fixed: Possible failure on plugin uninstallation due to duplicate entry for `domain_name' database key
    • Fixed: `[warn] Useless use of AllowOverride' warning (Apache2)
    • Review: Usage of new JS confirm dialog as provided by i-MSCP 1.4.x with backward compatibility in mind
    • Removed: /var/www/virtual/LetsEncrypt directory (replaced by %plugin_dir%/LetsEncrypt/acme)
    • Removed: Useless Let's Encrypt Apache2 vhost files for both control panel domain and system hostname
    • Rewriten: pending.pl and renew.pl scripts (cronjobs)
    • Updated: certbot-auto from version 0.9.3 to version 0.12.0
    • Updated: Translation strings

    Once registered on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at https://i-mscp.net/index.php/PaidSubscriptionList/

    Thank you for using our plugins.