Disable vu***sub.example.com

  • How do I disable those domains?

    They have no real use for me and it's annoying to deselect them while configuring Certbot if you active SSL for a new domain.

  • You could easyly use the letsencrypt plugin.
    This plugin only generates it for the main domains (as far as i know)

    If you dont want those website to be reachable, just dont add a wildcard dns A Record

  • @Levitas Exactly. It is possible to include them as altnames too by modifying the plugin conffile but that is not recommended.

    Anyway here the question is about disabling those alternative urls. Well there is no setting atm for this.

    btw: if you use cerbot outside of our plugin we cannot give you any support.

    Thank you for your understanding.


  • Oh, I didn't know that there is a plugin for Let'sEncrypt. I will check that out :)

    Can't download the plugin.
    "Access denied. You are not authorized to view this page."

    Oh, it's a non free plugin.

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