Bind9 and local nameservers glue problem

  • Hello friends,
    first i apologise if this post isn't in correct category. I use i-mscp 1.3.16 version and personal dns server. I created a and with same ip. When i try to change nameservers for my domain in domain control manager and enter, show me this error: it's not configured please enter ipv4 or ipv6 address, it's not configured please enter ipv4 or ipv6 address. When i enter a ip address under ns1,ns2 after 2 hours it works with my server. That's good, but i want to configure nameservers, to find automatically ip address for nameserver. All day i read about this, and finally found the problem comes from glue. I try to fix this all day, but i did not succeed. Parent servers glue it's ok, i have problem with glue at local nameservers.

    viewdns.xx info:

    Local Nameserver Tests

    1. NS records at your local servers:NS records retrieved from your local nameservers [NO GLUE] [TTL=3600] [NO GLUE] [TTL=3600]Glue at local nameservers:Oops! Your local nameservers don't return IP addresses (glue) along with your NS records! This isn't a fatal error but means an extra lookup needs to be performed increasing the load time to your site. You can fix this by adding A records for each of the nameservers listed above.


    Somebody with same problem to share how to fix that? Thank you!