PhpSwitcher v3.0.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    A new version of the PhpSwitcher plugin has just been released:

    This new version is compatible with i-MSCP 1.3.x, 1.4.x Series.


    • Added: `--auto-setup' command line option for automatic setup of PHP versions (See the & files)
    • Added: libfile-find-rule-perl package as requirement (required by PHP compiler)
    • Added: libssl 1.1.x support for PHP 5.6 (patch pulled from Ondřej Surý php5.6 source package)
    • Added: Multiarch support for cURL development library; Path has changed in Debian Stretch (All PHP versions)
    • Added: OpenSSL 1.0.2k library (See the & files)
    • Added: patch and unpatch MAKE(1) targets in Makefile (was done by the PHP compiler in previous versions)
    • Changed: Default install directory from `/opt/phpswitcher' to `/opt/phpswitcher/%ymd%' (See the file)
    • Fixed: Check for fpm SAPI parameters only when required (backend)
    • Fixed: Missing MySQL compatibility symlinks when using old MariaDB versions (backend)
    • Fixed: Static phpinfo files are not re-generated on plugin update (backend)
    • Fixed: Unexpected behavior when switching from CGI sapi to FPM sapi: Possible misconfigured PHP versions
    • Fixed: Wrong log filename for PHP 7.1 (psw7.0-fpm.log while psw7.1-fpm.log is expected)
    • Fixed: Wrong pid filename for PHP 7.1 ( while is expected)
    • Fixed: Wrong syslog ident for PHP 7.1 (psw7.0-fpm while psw7.1-fpm is expected)
    • Merged: libssl 1.1.x support from PHP 7.1 in PHP 7.0 (patch pulled from Ondřej Surý php7.0 source package)
    • Refreshed: 0004-libtool2.2.patch patch (PHP >= 7.0)
    • Updated: PHP compiler for use of PHP 5.6.30, 7.0.16 and 7.1.2
    • Review: Usage of new JS confirm dialog as provided by i-MSCP 1.4.x (with backward compatibility in mind)
    • Removed: Patch for GMP multiarch support; it is now integrated in upstream source (PHP versions >= 7.0)
    • Removed: psw*checkonf files as FPM often ends with zend_mm_heap corrupted, preventing service to be (re)started



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    Thank you for using our plugins.


  • Dear customers,

    A new archive for the PhpSwitcher plugin version 3.0.0 has just been uploaded. The previous archive was corrupted, leading to many failures.
    If you already downloaded that new version, download it and upload it again through the plugin management interface.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Thank you for your report ;)


  • And a new version...

    Regarding to this report, Version 3.0.1 released with following bugfixes:

    Version compatible with i-MSCP 1.3.x, 1.4.x Series


    • Fixed: Cannot manually re-generate static phpinfo files due to missing argument in callback function (JS)
    • Fixed: Undefined $.imscp property (JS - backward compatibility issue)


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