FTP login problem after migration.

  • Hello.

    I migrated my I-MSCP from one server to another and everything works perfect, how ever the old FTP users do not work and cannot login to the FTP client and are always getting "Bad password" and yes I have tried to generate new one, and on the same domain account if I try to create new FTP account there is the same problem for that account also.

    However if I create new customer with some new domain example.com and switch to that account and create an FTP user then it works and I can login via FileZilla, and everything.

    There is only the old customer accounts that are not working quite well.

    Hope for some solution.

  • I migrated my I-MSCP from one server to another

    How? Describe us the exact steps you have done to migrate.

    And please Reporting rules - Reminder

    Here, there are no magician. We are not in nintendo world ;)