Seafile and LetsEncrypt 3.0.0

  • @Pimbo

    I confirm my thinking regarding the precedence problem. The ProxyPass directive has an highter precedence than the RedirectMatch directive. The problem comes from the fact that you have set your ProxyPass directive into the custom configuration file that is included in both, the http and https vhost files. To fix the problem, the ProxyPass directive should be set only for the https vhost (http would be redirected to https in any case).

    To resume, current workflow is as follow:

    • http ---> The directive ProxyPass from your custom configuration file do its job (highter precedence). The RedirectMatch directive is ignored and thus, no redirect is made to https. You're seeing seafile resources.

    Workflow should be as follow;

    • http ---> directive RedirectMatch do its job. You should be redirected to https
    • https ---> The ProxyPass directive do its job. You should see seefile resources

    Note that the behavior described here is not new. It was identical in version 1.3.16.


  • @Pimbo

    See also:

    Almost same problem.


  • Dear Nuxwin,

    thank you for the answer.

    Unfortunately although I see that this error should have occured since whenever cause your article is even from 2010 it didnt occur before thje update neither on different browsers nor on different devices but ok some things we will never know :)

    But how to exclude proxy pass for http connection? Cause i use proxy pass for every path i cannot exclude specific path just by doing ProxyPass /path !

  • @Pimbo

    Well, you should add the ProxyPass in the SSL vhost only. You could use an i-MSCP listener file to make the changes persistent, for the given domain.