Data Time, Time Zone is not valid timezone

  • Hello,
    i try to install imcp 1.3.8 and stuck wiyh this problem:

    Do you have any solution for that??

  • @Marko21

    Inside the archive directory, edit the engine/setup/ file and change the line 661 by

    1. my $defaultTimezone = DateTime::TimeZone->new( name => 'local' )->name();

    instead of

    1. my $defaultTimezone = DateTime::TimeZone->new( name => 'local' );

    Once done, retry.

    BTW: @Levitas I removed your answer because that was a wrong answer. See for a list of valid timezone in the Europe. Separator is /, not \


  • Fixed in branch 1.3.x. See…2a797c867b42967ca9e73R661

    Thank you for your report.

    Thread closed.