Вышла версия i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc1.3

  • It's with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availablity of i-MSCP 1.1.0-rc1.3, which is our first Release Candidate of the next coming release 1.1.0.

    This release addresses the following issues:

    Features / Enhancements / Bugfixes:


    • Added backup feature for setup dialog (allow user to step back)
    • Added base class for autoinstall adapters
    • Added 'buildonly' and 'skippackages' command line options for autoinstall script
    • Added composer installer for i-MSCP addons
    • Added 'reconfigure', 'preseed', hook-file and 'debug' command line options for both autoinstall and setup scripts
    • Fixed: Allow IDN for hostname and base server vhost hostname
    • Fixed: Allow to set ip as MySQL server hostname
    • Fixed: Do not remove user defined variables in imscp.conf
    • Fixed: Do not ask for MySQL server port when using 'localhost'
    • Fixed: Do no ask for server to use if only one is available
    • Fixed: iMSCP::Dialog::Dialog - Wrong synstax for the 'timeout' option
    • Fixed: iMSCP::Dialog::Dialog - Allow both single and double quotes in dialog text boxes
    • Fixed: iMSCP::Dialog::Dialog - Allow to set default choice for both radiolist and checklist dialog boxes
    • Refactoring + cs fixes + doc


    • Added i-MSCP own implementation of lsb_release command
    • Added 'nocreate' and 'readonly' options for the iMSCP::Config package
    • Added pbzip2 (parallel bzip2 file compressor) for bzip2 compression algorithm
    • Added progress bar for Debian packages installation
    • Added engine hooks manager
    • Added several hooks in both addons and servers packages (still a lot to add...)
    • Fixed: iMSCP::IP - Ips stack not flushed on reset
    • Fixed: iMSCP::Boot - Do not create the imscp.conf file if do not exists, raise error instead
    • Refactoring + cs fixes + doc


    • Core:

      • Rewritten external mail interface

    • Tools:

      • Moved Ajaxplorer to packagist.org (composer package)
      • Moved PhpMyAdmin to packagist.org (composer package)
      • Moved Roundcube to packagist.org (composer package)
      • Updated AjaxPlorer addon to version 4.2.3
      • Updated PhpMyAdmin addon to version 3.5.5
      • Updated Roundcube addon to version 0.8.4


    • Fixed #482: Defect - Alias edit forward url not possible. Validation incorrect
    • Fixed #499: When deleting a domain alias, the custom DNS records (including those related to external mail server(s)) should be deleted
    • Fixed #500: Mail quota edit link has wrong id for alias, subdomain and aliassubs mails.
    • Fixed #501: Slow query and wrong traffic count in "Edit Domain"
    • Fixed #503: Bug - DNS entries for subdomains are not re-added in db zone file
    • Fixed #504: Roundcube 0.8.2
    • Fixed #507: Cosmetics - External mail servers features status not show
    • Fixed #508: German Umlaut in Custom DNS were shown wrong
    • Fixed #509: Tools: PHPMyAdmin 3.5.3 released
    • Fixed #511: Enhancement - Show disk usage detail (web, mail, sql) on client side
    • Fixed #512: autoresponder: lines in transport file not correct
    • Fixed #514: Email forward from domain A to domain B not working
    • Fixed #518: Bug - Setup broken
    • Fixed #520: Defect - migrateMailboxes: Use of uninitialized value
    • Fixed #522: Bug - Subdomain redirects with "https" or "ftp" don't work
    • Fixed #524: Update - AjaxPlorer 4.2.3 released
    • Fixed #525: Update - phpMyAdmin 3.5.5 released
    • Fixed #527: Update - Roundcube 0.8.4 released
    • Fixed #532: Review - Database update 53 - ftp password
    • Fixed #535: Defect - Roundcube does not work with courier
    • Fixed #539: Enhancement - i-MSCP tools - Composer support
    • Fixed #540: Bug - C-style symbols intead of graphic lines in the autoinstall console
    • Fixed #541: Task - Move PhpMyAdmin to packagist and make it as addon
    • Fixed #542: Bug - Unable to install addon packages - git is missing

    Furthermore, several bugs and security issues were fixed, and all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions on Transifex.

    We would like to remind you that this version should not be used in a production environment, and that any bugs found should be reported on our issues tracker.
    Feel free to test this new version and get in touch with us about any improvement that you would like see integrated.


    Thanks you for using i-MSCP.

    [size=large]Хоть релиз и не предназначен для использования Production, оно содержит огромное количество исправлений русификации, огромная просьба протестировать его на наличие багов локализации, кодовых страниц, а также на различные конфигурации серверов.[/size]

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