LetsEncrypt plugin v1.2.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    A new version of the LetsEncrypt plugin has just been released.

    Once registered on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at: https://i-mscp.net/index.php/PaidSubscriptionList/

    WARNING This new version comes with major changes and new features WARNING


    • Added: `certbot_self_update' configuration parameter (Allows to enable/disable self-update of the certbot client)
    • Added: `certbot_version' configuration parameter (Allows usage of development version of the certbot client)
    • Added: UPDATE.md file (update notes for new versions)
    • Fixed: Avoid too many SQL queries by adding `admin_id', `domain_id' and `domain_type' columns to letsencrypt table
    • Fixed: Certbot client is never updated
    • Fixed: Could not disable HSTS for subdomains
    • Fixed: Don't try to revoke SSL certificates that are missing on the filesystem; Only remove the entries in database
    • Fixed: IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are now supported by LetsEncrypt (Closes: #IP-1648)
    • Fixed: The `www' prefix is now optional (Closes: #IP-1646)
    • Renamed: `certbot_cmd' configuration parameter to `certbot_path'
    • Renamed: `certbot_cmd_create_options' configuration parameter to `certbot_create_options'
    • Renamed: `certbot_cmd_revoke_options' configuration parameter to `certbot_revoke_options'
    • Updated: Certbot client to version 0.9.3
    • Updated: Translation files

    IDNs support (Internationalied Domain Names)

    The support for IDNs has been added. However, note that the version of the certbot client that adds support for the IDNs has not been published yet (at least at time when this new plugin version has been released).

    If you want to enable support for IDNs, you must use the developement version of the certbot client by setting the value of the certbot_version parameter to develop in the plugin configuration file. Once done, don't forget to trigger a plugin list update through the i-MSCP plugin management interface.

    Note that when the certbot client version that supports IDNs names will be released, the usage of the developement version of the certbot client will no longer be mandatory.

    Be aware that using the developement version of the certbot client can lead to other issues. This is the develomement version and as such, stability of this version cannot be guaranteed by us. You're warned.

    WWW prefix for domains and subdomains

    In earlier versions, the www prefix was always included when issuing or renewing a SSL certificates, whatever the domain type. From now, the inclusion of this prefix is optional. By default, the inclusion of the www prefix is pre-checked for the domains, while for the subdomains, it is unchecked.

    Thank you for using our plugins.