i-MSCP - Purpose of our forums

  • Dear community,

    Following a growing amount of posts where people are asking our help for everything and anything, we would make some clarifications regarding the purpose of our forums.

    You are free to ask for help on our forums but you must remember that our forums are not meant to become a teaching plateform.

    We're providing help for i-MSCP only. For tasks that are not directly related to i-MSCP or that are not for usual i-MSCP usage, you must search by yourself and/or ask help on a dedicated forum.

    That is always a pleasure for us to help our users when they showed that they at least searched a bit before posting, and when they follow our reporting rules.

    On our forums, there is too much beginners, and also plenty of lazy people which come here for asking us to provide them a full solution for their problems. Again, our forums are not meant for teaching.

    i-MSCP is a software providing automated solution for shared hosting management on Linux servers. i-MSCP has not meant to replace a real administrator.

    Thank you for your understanding.