Forwarding emails to Piler archive server

  • Hey folks,

    I was wondering if someone uses Piler and already set up the mail forwarding to a Piler archive server. It would be awesome to have a plugin for setting the Piler server address in order to archive incoming and outgoing messages.

    The Piler documentation on configuring the mail server offers this:

    Since I don't want to use the "X-Envelope-To" function I would leave that part out.
    This is a configuration from an installation guide I found (in german):

    Beispiel-Konfiguration (ohne „X-Envelope-To“):

    I'm not sure, if the "always_bcc" is sufficient for both sending AND receiving. I couldn't really check the relaying under imscp because I didn't want to break the working mail server ;) and I don't have another system to test it on at the moment. I would appreciate any help or pointers.

    Nonetheless, a "forward all incoming and outgoing mail AFTER spam and virus cleanup to archive@archiveserver.tld" would be a nice feature.



    Debian 7.11 - i-MSCP 1.3.0 - Proxmox VE

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