Domain Einhängepunkt nachträglich ändern

  • @Levitas

    In 1.4.x serie, the folllwing changes will be done:

    • The domain, subdomain, domain_aliasses and subdomain_alias tables will be merged together (in the domain table).
    • The domain alias feature as know now will be removed. We will replace it with a true domain alias feature (as implemented by apache2 using the ServerAlias directive).
    • A customer will be able to add one or many domains (so here, the current wrongly named domain alias feature will be simply merged with the domain feature).
    • There will no longer have a so called main domain. The usernames will be arbitrary.

    The Web folder structure will be updated as follow:

    1. /var/www/virtual/<customer_identifier>
    2. /var/www/virtual/<customer_identifier>/web
    3. /var/www/virtual/<customer_identifier>/web/<domain1>
    4. /var/www/virtual/<customer_identifier>/web/<domain2>
    5. ...


    • <customer_identifier> will correspond to the homedir of the customer's UNIX user
    • <domain1> and <domain2> can be either a domain or subdomain


  • Nice.

    Any idea when it will be released? (one month, half a year, one year)
    Just a direction, im also really looking forward to it.

    probably i can help a little bit with the frontend, but time is important :c
    in 1.4 you wanted to implement a template engine dont you @Nuxwin?

  • @Levitas

    There is no due date for the 1.4.x serie but ~3 months should be viable for us.

    The new template engine implementation has been postponed. It will be implemented in in the serie 2.0.x.

    BTW: Please avoid to pollute threads with questions that are not directly related, else this could become unmanageable.

    Thank you ;)


  • The feature has been implemented and pushed in the 1.3.x branch. See:

    This new feature will be part of next release.

    Thank you for contributing to i-MSCP improvement.

    Thread closed.


  • Another screenshot for showing changes regarding editable DocumentRoot:


    • The DocumentRoot for the domain is set to a subfolder of the /htdocs directory which is the default DocumentRoot when no alternative DocumentRoot is set.
    • The subdomain share the mount point with the domain but its DocumentRoot is still set to /htdocs (no alternative DocumentRoot is set for it).

    Note that the DocumentRoot is always relative to the mount point.

    So here, I'm showing two features:

    • Ability to setup an alternative DocumentRoot for a specific domain
    • Ability to share a mount point with another domain (here the subdomain share the mount point with another domain but has a different DocumentRoot)


    What you asked me above is covered with the subdomain example.