System Log Viewer

  • It would be nice to have a plugin where a newbie user could just view system logs and errors easily within i-MSCP Panel with access to as many logs as can be defined. It would make finding errors for certain things we all know pop up here and there and resolve issues.

    i-MSCP has quickly become my favorite panel. I have tried many over the years and the development and frequent updates give me great confidence in its future.

    Keep up the great work ... :)

    “Life is all an Elaborate Hoax”

  • I'm not sure if this is necessary, because as ad admin I check my server via ssh. There I can open the log, grep for it and so on.
    I think imscp is for managing the webservices, not for managing the Operating-System.

    But this is only my opinion. ;)

  • I think that this is necessary, because if you will have multiple resellers on your server then they will try to ask you for the logs. If them or just clients would be able to check logs using panel, they will be able to find problems by they own, without asking admins to do that.

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  • Apache2 logs are already mounted into customers root dir. We could also do the same for php-services. If needed, just create a new feature request in our ticketing system. The other services e.g. db-server, mailserver.. are definitely not needed in my opinion.

  • As RodNoc stated, I too use a shell and all that goodness. Grep is nice, you don't have to wade through logs, but not everyone who gets a website will be knowledgeable. I remember my days of learning (who am I kidding, I still learn something new everyday) and the internet was still in it's infancy, there were hardly any sources to search for. Now, today there are lots of sources, but the trollers on a lot of newbie based sites hating on you because you don't know ANYTHING is troubling when you are trying to learn. I was just thinking about keeping it as simple as possible for a newbie. Maybe they don't notice they have easy access to logs via ftp or within a terminal or even know what a terminal is or what ftp is for that matter. As I have stated before, I do remember those days of being totally lost. Nowadays, I am just a little lost. :D

    As far as OS system logs, those, of course are for the server owner, and kept in the dark.

    I do have an idea, and I am just talking now, but maybe I could make something as simple as a little webpage pointing to the logs that are already placed within the users log directory and maybe script something to search logs for users. It sounds doable ..

    Thank you for all your input.

    Keep up the great work ...

    “Life is all an Elaborate Hoax”

  • Such feature will be added in v2.0.0 when all will be separated correctly. Each module will be able to register logs paths through an event listener such as:

    1. $em->register('onLogViewer', function($e) {
    2. $e->addLogPath('<servicename>', '<logpath>');
    3. });

    In v2.0.0, there will be one module per service (http, sql, dns, ftp ....).


  • Awesome. I always get excited for new major releases .... I can hardly wait ...

    Thank you and keep up the great work ... :)

    “Life is all an Elaborate Hoax”