How to configure DNS for a target Domain

  • Im abit confuse about how to target client domain

    for example client create

    then i went to example for a purchase domain. How to i target the server.... Ns1? or A? or ip? i have no idea which one to use.

  • Hello,

    This depend on your i-MSCP setup.

    I. Usage of i-MSCP DNS server (You've choosen bind9 for DNS server during i-MSCP setup)

    Here, I assume that the domain has been already created in the i-MSCP panel.

    • Your customer must register a glue record through the registrar interface: -> <ip>. Note that this can be take a bit time to be recorded.
    • Once that the glue record is ok, your customer must change the DNS server through the registrar interface. Here, he must use

    Note that the <ip> tag must be replaced by the IP that you assigned to the customer when you have created the domain through the i-MSCP panel

    Note also that here, I've described the usual procedure. Some registrars make the procedure more simpler. E.g, when you change the nameserver, they also register the glue record into the Registry.

    For namecheap, see:

    II. Usage of an external DNS server (you've choosen the external server option during i-MSCP setup)

    Your customer must change his DNS zone to add the following DNS resource records:

    1. IN MX <imscp_server_hostname>.
    2. IN A <ip>
    3. IN CNAME
    4. * IN A <ip>

    This is generally done through the registrar interface too because most of time, if you don't use the i-MSCP DNS server, you use the default DNS servers which are provided by your registrar (here

    Note that the <ip> tag must be replaced by the IP that you assigned to the customer when you have created the domain through the i-MSCP panel and that the <imscp_server_hostname> tag must be replaced with the FQHN of your i-MSCP server (hostname -f).

    Be aware that here, I'm only talking about the primary DNS server.


  • I was using the 2nd method

    but seems like configuration wrong
    I can't put i n (IN) and domain some doest not fits the fill in blank =/

    when i put in host
    IN (i manage to get into server by
    look like host is the (sub) but i can't leave it empty to enter

    by the way i was interested to setup bind9 method. Any instruction how to setup link =)

  • The IN (class field) is optional and most of registrars don't include it in their non-expert DNS management interface. For the rest, I don't understand what you mean... I see like a red message at bottom of your screenshot but you cutted it. It is your real domain showed in the interface. If yes, I get not result when I query it atm:

    meaning that something is currently wrong on the registrar side. E.g, your changes were not applied somewhere.

    See also:…he-in-mean-in-a-zone-file


  • Ok the setting i set looks ok =) for external DNS
    But the page is other things else?

  • <solve> all done correctly above just have to wait to TTL time to live

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