Webdepot filter

  • What about webdepot filter? Now it's not so many packages, but later we will need filters for script-type and language...
    Also as a bug, some packages has its linguage in its name, for me (1.1.0-rc1, 1280*1024) it looks like

    So, and I haven't a message at the question sign... It must be so?

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  • good ideas.

    a more immediate need, i think, is for installing a package more than once and to subdomains/aliases.

    right now the only way is to upload multiple of the same package, and install each one in different places individually, and modify it afterwards to reflect the domain/url.

    being able to install a package multiple times, and to domain aliases and subdomains, is more important than a filter. also more complicated ;) it will require database entries to keep track, and i think slightly different logic for injecting the path/domain locations into the sql of the install package.