Wishlist - Report Section in Control Panel & Forum Confidential Tag

  • Feature Request

    Would like to see a report section that reports environment settings/config for direct copy paste into forums for Moderators / Support to view all applicable settings.

    However - to include all that info publicly may not sit well with many - so a <Confidential>This is not public only Moderators can see</Confidential> type of tag would be useful for the forums - which probably exists just isn't currently see in the tool bar

    -- not currently supported by Burning Boards possibly --

    -- Report Section ---
    Generates a predefined set of BB Code data -
    Currently Kunena Forums has a report page in the Admin section that generates a bbcode post that is posted into the Kunena support forums...

    Just thought the general idea of the report section would be really helpful when posting about trouble with a server - when that page works / is viewable (server not offline case)
    even a shell command that generated the report would be cool

    --- Just a wishlist is all ---

  • Credentials are atm sent via private messages. The forum is also not thought for private support, and informations as imscp version are not critical. If we need credentials for your server or other critical informations we're asking in private. You're also always free to send us such informations via private message if you don't want to post them.

    If we'll install a ticketing system we'll have such thing in mind :)

    BTW: To post such informations on public forums is always a bad idea, also if they are restricted to administrators. May such informations are still available via other channels (e.g. forums api), there's a bug in the bbcode-function or bb-code function was temporary disabled.. Also all moderators would get your credentials..

  • You're thinking terms of credentials...

    I'm thinking in terms of configuration of the server...
    non-critical / vital information that people may not want generally publicly visible - urls specifically for whatever reason and even version information.

    The information of the actual fix for others is still visible and just minor configs and urls are hidden from public view unless poster / moderator wants them public...

    that way the information is in the same place... - its also why it works well for other platforms... just a few think in terms of all or nothing security and all should be public - when others know there are things that are a bit more grey. between black and white.

    if the information was hacked or available - still not detrimental and not major just hidden a little better for moderators only.

    I use the same type of thing to keep information in one spot on other forums and put emails / numbers and only paid members can see the information.

    So not to protect Sensitive information - protect general information that others don't want publicly posted but isn't really critical so - not a password or credentials - still confidential in nature and moderators could see for replies related to the posters questions.

    either way only a wishlist item - just don't think passwords - more configs and versions of os and php - some of which is kinda private and others not really.

  • Versions of system, services.. are general informations of the problems which are also relevant for other users. With URLs I'm in same opinion with you, but atm urls are not often posted in forum because mostly not needed.
    But we'll have in mind and think about it in time :)