Sync from ftp to webdav

  • Hi there,

    currently I am using duplicity to generate backups on a ftp storage. Now I would like to sync the new/changed/deleted files from the ftp backup space to my webdav cloud storage.

    (configuration: duplicity generates once a week a full backup and the days between incremental backups.)

    My question:
    Does anyone know a tool/programm which is able to copy from remote ftp to remote webdav - and has something like synchronisation functionality to only copy new files?

    Additional information:
    Currently I switched to duplicity using this plugin: - it is running very good at the moment.

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  • Hi Unclesam,

    There are some things you could check out.…v-directory-in-linux.html

    Then you can just copy files

    cp -r /mnt/webdav/path/to/files /mnt/ftp/path/to/files
    or you could make a bash script that does something like this:

    tar -czf /var/spool/backup-prepare/webdavbackup.tar.gz /mnt/webdav/path/to/files
    cp -r /var/spool/backup-prepare/webdavbackup.tar.gz /mnt/ftp/path/to/backup/dest
    rm /var/spool/backup-prepare/webdavbackup.tar.gz

    I have some back up scripts on GitHub, feel free to check it out:
    I use it on my servers for system backups, it supports the rotation of backupfiles, so it numbers them from 1 to 20 (max amount you can configure) and then it removes the oldest one.

    Of course, if you want to sync only new files, you could consider rsyncing.