Suggestion of FQDN for panel during installation

  • This issue was seen also in previous versions:

    Dedicated server with installed OS from a template (here: debian jessie). As a parameter for the installation I could enter my own hostname ( The server got also its own hostname ( which remains as an alias.

    When it comes to the suggestion for the panel-FQDN the default is but should be
    all have their different IPs each. Any further subdomain (e.g. is covered through wildcards. itself is unused. With the current behaviour all machines would get the same panel-FQDN.

    Not severe as one can change this value.

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  • @sutorinfo

    You're confusing server hostname which by default is filled with current server hostname <server>.<yourdomain.tld> (e.g: result of hostname -f) and the panel hostname which by default is set to panel.<yourdomain.tld>. We are considering the domain here (server hostname - one label) and then, we add the panel label (which is a subzone of yourdomain.tld). Anyway, you can always setup other values than default.

    i-MSCP installer ask you for the server hostname and the panel hostname.


  • Thank you for your explanation. This is, how I understood this. My post was a bit unstructured. The case above will only be a problem when setting up multiple machines:

    Machine (loc) One (in FR) Two (in DE)
    IP (example)
    Servername as given by Service Provider (remains as alias)
    Servername FQ as given by Admin (myself)
    Suggested panel name bi i-MSCP
    Wanted panel name
    Annotations itself may be located on a third machine. will work too.

    There are two independent installation processes resulting in doubled domain names. I think, this will have some effect on the "M" in MSCP. Could be a feature, too, if from I could administer all machines where any of them containes all informations. Could serve for failover systems. Could work, if could get its own IP, but most Providers here offer only 1 (v4) per machine.

    In the installation process the first machine will act in the known way. When it comes to the second machine, the existing first one will be detected and its up to a subroutine to establish the communication chain (e. g. submitting all database entries to machine one, especially its own IP). But that belongs to your started discussion for i-MSCP v2.0.

    As you told above, we are able to edit this name (to wanted panel name) and this solution works for me. Only wanted to mention this usecase. Thanks very much again for your explanation.

  • If you have done all preinstallation steps correctly, normally suggestion should be "Wanted panel name" instead of "Suggested panel name bi i-MSCP". I hope you've added the FQDN (| in the hostname:

    1. echo '' > /etc/hostname
    2. hostname -F /etc/hostname