PhpSwitcher pecl problem

  • Hi again guys,
    I finally activated PhpSwitcher in production environment, it works perfectly for versions 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5.

    Version 7.0 works but not completely. I managed to activate the ioncube loader for PHP 7.x (still beta but working).

    Unfortunately I also need the uploadprogress mudule that is installed through pecl. It works perfectly for other PHp versions, but not for version 7.

    There's the error:

    I'm not sure is a problem of the plugin, but anyway I'd like to resolve the issue.
    Some help from devs ?
    Thank you very much, bye Kess.

    Debian Jessie, MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.4.10, php 5.6 fpm
    No exothic configurations

  • @kess

    You have a build problem that has nothing to do with the PhpSwitcher plugin. Please, look here:

    As you can see, last version of this pecl extension has been released on 2011.08.15. From my point of view, this pecl extension is not compatible with PHP 7. Don't forget that PHP 7 comes with a new engine (PHP NG). Also many things were rewritten...

    Problem confirmed by this bug report:

    See here for a patched version for PHP 7 (not official):


  • Thank you very much for your fast reply.
    I'm not going to install something unofficial, I'll go ahead without that extension... And the customers also...

    Thx again :-)