i-MSCP Project Web Site

  • <h3>Welcome to the i-MSCP project Web site.</h3>

    Internet Multi Server Control Panel (<strong>i-MSCP</strong>) is a project founded to build an impressive and powerful opensource Multi Server Control panel for personal and professional usage. It's must allow to manage any shared hosting environment in easy way without any human intervention on the server file system.
    <h3>Our vision</h3>
    Our vision is to be a world-class leader that provides one of the most used Web-based control Panel intended to personal and professional usage.

    We will accomplish our Vision through our commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and <em>community involvement</em>.

    <h3>About the first release date</h3>

    The first release is planned for June 2011. You can help us to release the first version more faster by contributing to the project. You can also try out the current development branch by installing it from our repository and by reporting any problem by creating ticket on our <a title="i-MSCP Issue tracking system" href="https://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/i-mscp/newticket" target="_blank"><strong>issue tracking system</strong></a>. See our <a title="i-MSCP forum" href="http://site.i-mscp.net/#" target="_blank"><strong>forums</strong></a> for more information about the procedure to follow.

    <h3>How to contribute to i-MSCP ?</h3>
    Anyone can contribute to the project but under some conditions. You can contribute by submitting patches, reporting problems, translate user interface into your native language...

    If a contributor wants to officially integrate the i-MSCP development team, he must do a special request, and answer correctly to some questions. These questions are required to be sure that the contributor has the necessary knowledges and can contribute in good condition. For example, if a contributor want get the i-MSCP developer status, he must have at least good knowledge in <strong><a title="PHP programming language" href="http://php.net/" target="_blank">PHP</a></strong> and basic knowledge of <strong><a title="Zend Framework" href="http://framework.zend.com/" target="_blank">Zend framework</a></strong>.

    The i-MSCP interface is written in <a title="PHP" href="http://php.net/" target="_blank"><strong>PHP</strong></a> / <a title="XHTML language" href="http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_HyperText_Markup_Language" target="_blank"><strong>XHTML</strong></a> / <a title="Javascript language" href="http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/JavaScript" target="_blank"><strong>Javascript</strong></a> (<a title="jQuery Javascript framework" href="http://jquery.com/" target="_blank"><em>jQuery</em></a>). The engine is written in <a title="Perl programming language" href="http://www.perl.org/" target="_blank"><strong>PERL</strong></a>. Some other elements are written in <a title="C programming language" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_%28programming_language%29" target="_blank"><strong>C</strong></a> and <a title="Shell" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_shell" target="_blank"><strong>Shell</strong></a>.