Enable ImageMagick

  • Hi all guys,
    I searched the forums but I didn't find nothing about that.

    Do you know some intelligent method for enabling ImageMagick for some domains ?

    I know that by altering the open_baselib variable and adding the /usr/bin path does the trick, but I don't like that. In any case, after each update, these parameters are lost.

    Help please ;(
    Thank you, bye Kess.

  • @Ninos
    Thank you for your fast reply, i know that method but unfortunately it does not fit my needs.

    I must migrate on my servers a website based on typo3 version 4.7 (I know it's old but I can not tell nothing to the customer). The webmaster needs ImageMagick (the true ImageMagick convert command) in order for the site to work correctly (don't ask me why, GD2 should also be fine but he pretends ImageMagick).

    How can I do in order to achieve that ?
    Thank you, bye Kess.

  • Why it does not fit your needs? If you don't want to install imagemagick for all users or need an old php version, you can use the PhpSwitcher plugin and provide imagemagick just for one version.