Max upload size

  • Hi, sorry for this question but I can't find the solution in the forum.
    I need to change the Max upload size from 10MB to 45MB and I tried according to…10MB-limitation-in-IMSCP/…ow-to-upload-large-files/
    and I haven't made it work
    Also I have modified

    And nothing happened

    I need to know what file I should modify whithout having to upgrade the panel.

    Any help is apreciatted

    OS: Wheezy
    Mod: Fcgi
    Panel: 1.2.2
    PHP 5.4.41


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  • First admin need to increase limitations to reseller. After that reseller need to increase limitations to customer. Then you can change these entries.

  • Thanks Ninos for your quick response, but I did it and in the reseller interface and the changes don't save (as shown in the picture above reseller.jpg).

    Can I modify it manually somewhere else?

    Thanks in advance


  • Should be done. He forgot to increase the limitations of the reseller.