PhpSwitcher v2.2.1 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    I'm pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the PhpSwitcher plugin version 2.2.1

    Be aware that this new version is only compatible with i-MSCP Serie 1.3.x for which no version has been released yet.

    Once connected on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at:
    Documentation is also available at:


    • Changed: PHP-FPM file name patterns from psw-%PHP_VERSION%... to psw%PHP_VERSION%... (see file)
    • Fixed: PHP versions are deleted instead of being disabled (regression fix)
    • Fixed: Missing check for HTTPD server implementation in use in PHP compiler (regression fix)
    • Fixed: On disabling, configuration values must be taken from the config_prev hash instead of the config hash
    • Fixed: PHP-FPM service name must not be hardcoded in sysvinit scripts
    • Fixed: Default PHP version is badly overwritten in some context leading to behavior described in #IP-1548
    • Fixed: #IP-1548 Could not start the php7.0-fpm service (Debian Jessie)
    • Updated: Translation files


    PHP-FPM binary/script path basenames and service names

    To be consistent with PHP versions provided by Debian/Ubuntu, PHP-FPM path basenames and service names were renamed from
    psw-%PHP_VERSION%... to psw%PHP_VERSION%... (for instance psw-7.0-fpm to psw7.0-fpm).

    Note that you have nothing special to do. The plugin will automatically make needed changes.
    Thank you all for use of this plugin.