• Hey Everyone,

    I'm currently in the middle of changing a million TR_PAGE_TITLE values and think this should be an option from the Admin panel...

    in all the gui/public/client reseller admin, etc. folder the pages themselves have hardcoded TR_PAGE_TITLE variables set as "i-MSCP" and the page name, such as

    'TR_PAGE_TITLE' => tr('i-MSCP Client / Domain statistics'),

    I think this should be a variable, so Admin can change "i-MSCP" in the TR_PAGE_TITLE variables to something else from the Admin panel.

    I'm happy to try and code this if you think it is a good idea.

    Also there are many incongruencies as well, such as "i-MSCP - Client / Domain" and "i-MSCP Client / Domain Alias", etc. so there are differences that should not be there. I can clean this up also, because it is making it difficult for me to script find/replace ;)

    Sound like a good idea?

  • Hello;

    About the first point:

    You are using a free open source software and so, you are free to do any changes you want but you cannot ask us to implement such option. The i-MSCP name is part of the license and normally should not be hidden from your customers.

    About the bugs and inconsistencies : Will be fixed. Thanks for report.


  • i understand, i was not asking you to implement it, i was offering to help, and I don't think the page title change is any big deal, as long as it keeps the "powered by i-MSCP". people like customization options.

    I can change it, but I thought contributing an option for others would be good, and I am happy to program it in. Admin interface option that simply changes the i-MSCP config file variable, and all page titles use the variable.

    I would be happy to fix the the typo "bugs" as well.

    I'm trying to help, and not just be a user, because I appreciate all the hard work that goes into this, and the more options we can get in, the more people that will want to use it, and the more support we will all have with the project. or be isolationist to help and it will die.