ERR. "Domain disabled" when posting URL in facebook

  • hi
    from the get go let me say this. this may not be a i.mscp fault.

    has anyone seen this situation before.
    facebook reports "Domain disabled" when a URL link is placed in it's "update status box"
    as to showing the image of the index page URL. see attached image.

    i have looked through the site codes (html, javascript and css) using "Find" to search for the words "Domain disabled" and
    i have not found a match. the site is a normal run of the mill html 5 pages with no database, whether mysql or flat file base.
    i'm perplexed as to how can a simple web site return a disabled domain response to facebook. even stranger is when the URL
    is posted on facebook the link works as expected. meaning that the link goes to the visible site when clicked.

    this is a fresh install of imscp 1.2.17, the site is active, and status is OK.

    do you have suggestions or s pointer as to how i can rectify this situation or is this a facebook faulty code

    i have just now created another user web account and restored it's website files. i went to facebook to see if i could
    recreate the error. on this account the image is shown, so it appears that the problem is specific to only one site