i-mscp error dbi mysql connect error

  • hi

    fresh install.
    Debian 8.4 64bit
    installing i-mscp 1.2.17
    installation options were default with exceptions of choosing apache, php -fpm

    i decided to do get up to date with i-mscp 1.2.17 by doing a complete clean fresh install.
    the install process reaches around 90% then throws a dialog box stating " Error was dbi connect ........ " relating to mysql.
    i noticed that i-mscp installation up to that point didn't ask for a DB name or is that intentional. i don't think that installing
    mysql before installing i-mscp is a requirement.

    i have added the actual dialog box for clarity.

  • @testlabs

    Not a bug ;) Here the problem is that the installer is unable to connect to your MySQL server using the provided login data.

    • Ensure that the provided credential are valid (try to connect to your MySQL server on cmd line first (mysql -u -root -p<your_password>)
    • Be sure to have an SQL root user for the 'localhost' host in your mysql.user table.

    BTW: Once the installer can connect to your MySQL server, it will ask you for the DB name.