[OPEN #9] Pointing domains to paths

  • Back in ispcp, when Domains were added and pointed to a specific system folder, this folder was created with a bunch of subfolders underneath.

    This could not be changed to a different folder after the adding was done; and if the domain was deleted, the folder with all its contents were deleted also.

    Is there a plan to change this to be any more flexible?
    I was thinking of something in the style that confixx handles things: when adding a domain, the user could point it to an exisiting directory only and if not, had to create the directory.

    Also the user could change the pointing of a domain to another folder easily without the data beeing compromised in any way.

    Just a thought...

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  • Yes is planned. Username should not be tight with domain name. One user can have just mail but not web server.

  • Mhh. Did you understand what i mean?

    when adding newdomain.tld you have to choose a folder -> /var/www/virtual/basedomain.tld/newdomain.tld/

    And the software automatically created folders beneath newdomain.tld -> htdocs, logs, ...

    And when newdomain.tld is deleted, /var/www/virtual/basedomain.tld/newdomain.tld/ -R is deleted.

    This is quite unhandy. And also it cannot be changed inbetween.

  • I think that behaviour is a much cleaner solution than the confixx way, managed like this you always have a stable domain/folder relationship, always have a htdocs/ for the web files, the same base structure. Very neat.

    The only thing I miss is being able to point domains/aliases/subdomains to an existing folder. Works in some menus (Reseller->add alias), but not in others (almost everywhere else).

  • In my (older) ispcp I can add an domain alias (bad name for this) to folder / which will add the domain in the same folder as the main domain. Or I can set the folder to anothr domain alias folder - or simply let the default crreate a new folder.

    I like the way with the fix set of subfolders (htdocs etc) - I don't like the name "domain alias" because I think an alias is something like the apache ServerAlias - so just a second name for the same website (and mail!).
    So I'd like it more like plesk: add a domain (alias): choose: real alias or forwarding or iframe solution... (load the main domain in a frame)....

    Plesk (I one had to ccare about an older plesk driven server) has a much more fix structure:

    Most of the folders in the home were not writebale by the user... this way you have a better control.
    We all know the problem when a user deletes a DocumentRoot folder (apache won't (re)start) - so we had to add many configs for proftpd (for every subdomain+domainalias) which slows down ftp loading.....

    So... lets conclude... Most important a fix structure (for most of the people), but a flexible way to create "personal solutions" would be nice!