PhpSwitcher plugin v2.1.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    I'm pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the PhpSwitcher plugin version 2.1.0.

    Be aware that this version is only compatible with i-MSCP >= 1.2.12.


    • Added: Option --zts to build PHP version(s) with ZTS support (compiler)
    • Added: Support for i-MSCP >= 1.2.12 (PHP-FPM parameters, PHP-FPM TCP/IP)
    • Added: systemd php-fpm.service unit configuration file
    • Fixed: Build dependencies problem when using alternative SQL server (compiler)
    • Fixed: Missing mysql extension in modules.ini file (PHP 5.5/5.6)
    • Fixed: phpize is broken - location has changed in latest libtool versions
    • Fixed: PHP-FPM configuration file check result is ignored
    • Refreshed: Patches for PHP 5.6.18, 7.0.3
    • Removed: listener (no longer needed with i-MSCP >= 1.2.12)
    • Rewritten: Makefile - removed duplicate code (compiler)
    • Updated: German and Russian translation files (Thank to Arthur Mayer)
    • Updated: PhpSwitcher.pot file (translation)

    Once connected on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at:
    Documentation is also available at:

    Thank you all for use of this plugin.