• Hallo,

    ich habe es installiert und er erkennt auch das "softfail" aber die Mail wird nicht als SPAM gekennzeichnet.

    Muss man da noch irgendwo was einstellen.GrußViktor

  • @Viktor

    It is expected. A softfail is not scored so much by default. You must review the score if you want mark a softfail as spam.

    Look in the 50_scores.cf file if you have it. You should be able to adjust the score.

    Or even better, override the default score by adding something like score SPF_SOFTFAIL 5 in your local.cf file. Don't forget to restart SpamAssassin. Note that 5 is an exmaple here. You must adjust according your needs.

    See also:


  • Hallo Nuxwin,

    thanks for your help.

    I have do this in the file "etc/spamassassin/local.cf".

    score SPF_FAIL 10
    score SPF_SOFTFAIL 5
    score SPF_NEUTRAL 2

    I will see the next day it is working.


  • Sofern du von den eigenen domains sprichst, würde ich übrigens auf hardfail umstellen :)

  • I have do this in the file "etc/spamassassin/local.cf".

    If you use our SpamAssassin plugin then you have to to this in the table userpref of the database imscp_spamassassin.
    Please check the documentation.

  • phpMyAdmin or via mysql cli

    1. INSERT INTO `imscp_spamassassin`.`userpref` (`username`, `preference`, `value`, `prefid`) VALUES ('$GLOBAL', 'score SPF_FAIL', '10', NULL), ('$GLOBAL', 'score SPF_SOFTFAIL', '5', NULL), ('$GLOBAL', 'score SPF_NEUTRAL', '2', NULL);