Update from 1.2.9 to 1.2.11 and change from fcgi to fpm

  • Hi there,

    I wanted to ask, if it is okay to switch a running imscp instance with several websites (development server) from apache fcgi to fpm - will i get any problems? (no specific changes made for the php versions)

    thanks and best regards

  • Hello ,

    You should not have any problem.

    1. # aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade
    2. # perl imscp-autoinstall -dr httpd

    And all should be ok.


  • Okay,

    thanks a lot Nuxwin. I think I have to change from fcgi to php-fpm, hope this will help. After changing the PHP Version via phpswitcher for some websites, the shopware backend has an incredible long loading time and then it will break :/

    Best regards

  • Fixed. Breakage was due to a shopware plugin.