problem with ftp login

  • Hi guys, I am sorry that i must write again, maybe the problem is created by me, but I don't know.

    Already I tell in other post that i make upgrade on my server., I installed new OS Debian 8 and named it domain with my website domain. After this I install i-mscp so named and continue with back all websites.
    The problem that has arisen is with my website. Every other website can login in own ftp or own datebase, but in my website, when I want to login in ftp the website tell that can't find this ftp user or datebase, when try to load my website in address bar on some browser telling that the webpage is forbidden!

    Thanks for help and sorry for bad English.

  • yes thats right place to look... there you schould find an waypoint to solv your problem....
    maybe a directory problem