Backup option problem

  • The backup work, but don't archive everything in domain, only sql database and main website, if have other folder additional created he are not go in backup.

    Sorry for bad English!

  • Hello ;

    Could you be more precise? What you mean by "everything"? Which folders are not part of the backup exactly? Where do those missing folders live exactly?


  • in htdocs folder I created folder Sitev1
    in same folder I created folders Files (here have imagas, flash movies, or some other files, who is used in website who is in folder Sitev1) and Sitev2 (where I am installed upper version of Joomla, and work on new website)

    In backup archive in folder htdocs have only folder Sitev1

  • @Ninos

    Could you try to reproduce that?


  • I have not understood correctly but I'll try it this evening..

    @Lubaka please tell me the paths, e.g.
    /htdocs/subfolder1/ (in backup)
    /htdocs/subfolder2/ (not in backup)
    /htdocs/subfolder3/bla/ (in backup)
    /htdocs/subfolder3/blu/ (in backup)
    /htdocs/subfolder3/ble/ (not in backup)

  • You have enough webspace? Also is it possible to send me your ssh credentials?

  • Is it possible to send me ssh credentials + affected customer and my panel admin access?