Parse index.php before index.html

  • Hi there,

    as long as there is an index.html in the htdocs directory, it is always loaded before the index.php file. I know that one could change this via vhost def. file. Is there a template where I can change this? I don´t want to "play around" and destroy anything. I know I could delete the index.html file, but this is not the way I wanna go ;)

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    I'm littlebit confused now.

    I dont know why do you want two index.* in the same directory, this doesnt make sense.
    Rename one of them a recode the part wo need this file.

    This is the way you must go :)

    Sry for my bad english :)

  • Its the way our developers go, they push their content in the htdocs directory and don´t want to check for the index.html everytime. Thats the only reason why. The manual work should be as low as possible. I´m the same opinion as you are, but they aren´t.

  • Hello ;

    1. # Default pages
    2. DirectoryIndex index.html index.cgi index.php index.xhtml index.htm

    is defined in the 00_nameserver.conf file.


  • Aaaah, I already saw that file, but I was confused by the name and didn´t want to destroy anything. Am I right, that every change on that file will be overwritten on the next update?

    And as there are 4 versions of it...which is the one I have to change?


    Thanks a lot!!

    Best regards