User feedback about Forum and Plugins

  • Hi,
    I really like the project but:

    Your Forum:
    - Alternative signup methods all fail
    - I got banned on my first signup, no idea why. I didn't post anything
    - I can't search the forum when I am not logged in, very frustrating when being working abroad or no own laptop/computer....

    - When clicking the download link on non-free plugins: "Access denied" with no further explanation about the why, or how I can access or purchase the plugin.

    For developers:
    its just plain awful to get started, after clicking a half hour around, I am still in the dark where or how to begin. Nowhere I couldn't find the dev setup instructions, nor the plugin - API docs. Sorry but that is driving me just away...don't bother := ;)

    Else: all good :thumbup:

  • Hello ;

    • We will check the alternative registration methods. Thank for your report.
    • Surely because on your first registration, you entered dummy data in your profil and thus, you got banned.
    • On most forums, the search feature is disabled for guest users. This is to prevent server overload (The bots are sometime crazy)
    • Did you really search on our forums? You can buy the non-free plugins at (you must be logged on our forum to access this page)
    • Again, did you searched? You can access the documentation here:

    We like receive feedbacks but next time please, search a bit before write ;)


  • ok,
    nice and thanks for the heads up. But banning me 3 times for entering 1.2 instead of 1.2.9 seems quite tough, no ? Else I entered PHP: 5.4 and Apache: 2.2.... However, I didn't know its killing my accounts on such thing, please leave a note in the registration form, its wasting just a hell of time for no real reason.... X/

  • It's may more because of your Nick. Definitely not because of the not fully written imscp-version.

  • @TimHardex2

    Sorry but for instance, this account Guenter Baumgart is not banned... Thus, I'm wondering if the problem doesn't comes from you. Please, say us the names of your previous accounts.


  • hi,
    i think i had:
    Guenter Baumgart: banned
    mc007: password didn't work anymore, reset password said "Account is connected with a 3rd party website, password cannot be requested."
    and mc007ibi: same as mc007 I think.

    but I am not sure about anymore which account did lead to which banning/error message, sorry i was in a hurry. But I do remember that all accounts got disabled after while...

    "It's may more because of your Nick." : very funny, didn't like the name my Mum gave me either :S

  • @TimHardex2

    mc007 has been banned due to dummy profile data.

    i-MSCP version: 1
    Apache version: 2

    We expects 1.x.x and 2.x.x

    Ok here this is a mistake from us because we are too rigide but generally our users provide the real versions such as you have done in your last registration (eg. 1.2.9) ...

    Guenter Baumgart

    This account is not banned.


    This account is not banned

    To resume here, there is not technical problem.

    Subject closed.